Throughout this month, we will be highlighting Christian prayers written over the last 2000 years.

The Christian life is a living, dynamic relationship with the God of the Universe, who has humbly chosen to take up his dwelling place in us and speak to us — through his Word, through his Spirit, through his actions in history, through his transforming love. And through the ages, we have responded to him in prayer, speaking to him through:

Some of these prayers have been written down and then handed down so that we still have them today.

This month, we invite you to read a small sampling of those prayers, meditate on them, and pray through them.

Will you join us on an exploration of the amazing legacy of prayer that our brothers and sisters in the faith have committed to our care throughout the ages, in all kinds of situations?

Oh, Lord, teach us to pray!

Throughout This Day: Think of songs, hymns, spiritual songs, and prayers that God has used to touch your heart and transform your life. Then, as you have time, listen to them, sing them, or pray through them yet once again.

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Photo Credit: Thea Hdc on Unsplash