Jesus, the Word, spoke and the entire universe sprang to life—microscopic bacteria, dinosaurs, blazing suns, every chain of DNA in the human body. Eternally existent in and of Himself, He is the uncaused cause of everything and also its only hope of restoration.

When humanity chose disobedience, we were plunged into darkness. But the phenomenal truth is that our darkness did not remain inescapable. Jesus volunteered for the rescue mission.

In 2010, thirty-three Chilean miners were trapped 700 meters under the earth. Incapable of saving themselves, their delight was euphoric when they were winched to the surface 69 days later. Imagine seeing the light at the end of that tunnel! In perfect obedience, Jesus descended to the depths of our darkness to find us. By God’s grace, our hearts were illuminated to receive His salvation. The author of life delighted to take up residence in us. His ongoing mission is to resurrect our story from one of tragedy to one of great triumph.

Where would you be if Jesus hadn’t entered your darkness?

Jesus, You could have kept Your distance when humanity betrayed You. But You volunteered to step into our darkness. It cost You everything, but compassion compelled You. Thank You so much! Please live Your life through me today. Continue to eradicate the remaining threads of darkness in my life. I entrust all of me to You.

Take Action

In humble confession, offer Jesus any traces of darkness you still find within yourself. You may think of a habit or attitude, or a way you sometimes related to others. Be specific, trust in His forgiveness and then ask Him to fill you with more of His life today.

Use this Life Lesson to explore the places of darkness in your life and let Jesus in.

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