Marie eagerly told us how six or seven women of the village met most every morning at 5 a.m. to pray. This devoted Christian woman was a true believer in prayer and no stranger to the power of the Holy Spirit. Gratitude overflowed from her heart. Even with ten family members living with her in her tiny home there was no word of complaint ― only praise to God for providing a safe, dry place to live. Looking into her eyes we listened intently, through an interpreter, as this wise woman shared her stories of God’s power at work among them. Our hearts were stirred. This village was being impacted daily by the prayers of these devoted ladies.

“It’s our food”, declared Marie, as she described the 5 a.m. prayer times. “It gives us what we need to face the day.” Some of those days there may be no food for their physical bodies, yet they know wherein lies true strength.

Yes, I live in another country and another culture. Yet as I came home, and read again in the book of Acts, I knew that what I had witnessed in the humble village was akin to how Spirit filled community is described in God’s word.

Let’s challenge one another to find a small group where we can seek God’s presence during the week. It takes time and commitment. From there we can impact our communities with God’s power in a greater way. Then, on Sunday morning, we can truly offer our worship and praise to God for His daily “food” in our lives as we share in what He is doing.

Father in Heaven, Your word tells us that the Holy Spirit was poured out in the hearts of the early believers. What a difference is described in their community. What a difference I felt in that small village where Your Spirt “fed” the women daily, together. Please stir within us a deep and bold desire to meet together during the week and to truly find our “food” in the prayer fellowship of like minded believers. Pour out Your Spirit in Jesus’ name, amen.

Go Deeper ― Consider moving beyond Sunday morning. Connect with a small group of like minded believers to seek God’s presence together in prayer regularly.

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Photo Credit: Nick Tong