My sister and I were clearing the breakfast table one morning when we came up with the brilliant idea to make a special drink with the leftover grape juice.

We put everything we could think of in the juice. We added milk, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salt, pepper... well, you get the idea. And then we called my younger sister to come and try our beverage.

I'm sure she was probably thrilled that her two big sisters loved her so much they wanted to share their very special drink with her, so she took a big swig. Immediately, she spewed it all over the floor. My sister and I were on the floor rolling with laughter ... that is, until my father showed up. I don't recall him saying much of anything, but I knew we were in BIG trouble. He took two glasses out of the cupboard, poured the drink into them and said, "You have five minutes to drink it." Then he walked out of the room.

We didn't dare throw that drink out. We knew that she would go and tell Dad if we did. How stupid could we be? Both my sister and I knew we had no choice but to drink it. The consequences of not drinking it were not even worth contemplating. We held our noses and downed our glasses.

As I think about this story, it reminds me of how much the devil goes after us, and how he plays to our weaknesses. Just as my sister and I played to the weaknesses of my younger sister, the devil entices us with sweet words and appeals to our neediness. But then when we engage in this behavior, we discover how really rotten it really is.

Just like my Dad did for my younger sister, our Heavenly Father is there to protect and stand up for us. He has our back. He's looking out for us, and we have nothing to fear. His justice is true.

Dear God, thank you that you protect us, that you stand up for us, love us, and that you have our backs! We fail you so often, Father. Thank you that have compassion and grace on us and that may we constantly turn to you in confession and humility when we fall. Amen.

Go Deeper - Think about your week. When have you given into the empty promise of temptation? Take some time right now to confess that to your heavenly Father who loves you.

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