When I became a Christian, a lot of people closest to me concluded I had fallen a sandwich short of a picnic. The cheese had slipped off my cracker. From their perspective, I was “crazy”. Even though things were finally ‘clicking’ for the first time in my life and I longed to pursue God, family and friends didn't understand.

Likewise, Noah would have been considered equally wacky by those who knew him well. Though Scripture doesn't specify, Noah may have questioned his sanity as he received the engineering and material specifications for an ark that would house him, his family and enough animals to re-populate the earth.

To be honest, I would have had a few doubts of my own if I were in Noah's shoes.

Even so, Noah's still my kind of guy because I would have done exactly what he did, no matter what ridicule may have come. For, as part of today's verse, I have the same desire to walk with the Lord and obey everything he commands me to do. Trusting and obeying God even in the craziness of life is evidence of unwavering faith.

When we remember that God is faithful and for us, it gives us confidence to obey without flinching, even in situations that have other folks looking at us sideways. Therefore, as followers of the Lord, we must keep on because the significance of God’s presence in our lives is greater than any rejection from outsiders. We can trust him even when we are bewildered.

The blessings that emerge from devotion to our Heavenly Father are numerous and far reaching. Even before God disclosed his blessings for Noah’s obedience, Noah was already in because of his intimate experience and knowledge of his Creator. It was a no-brainer for Noah as it is and will be for me, to stay on course.

In the trying and stressful times we live, our resolve to trust and obey the Lord without hesitation must be absolute. We need to display the brave dedication to God's lead, even when it means being in opposition to what the world deems sensible. Then as we rest and trust in Jesus’ redeeming work in our lives his Holy Spirit that indwells us will bring a Noah-like boldness and enable us to faithfully carry on.

Heavenly Father, as bewildering as the world is, it’s not enough to prevent me from my pursuit of you and your plan for my life. Keep me on track no matter what afflictions come my way. I love you and choose to follow you always. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Has the Lord ever asked you to do something bizarre? Take time to reflect on that situation, recalling the blessings that came as a result of your obedience to God.

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Photo Credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash