Nazareth was a small town in the time of Jesus, but today it is an overgrown city with confusing streets and serious traffic problems. I tend to stubbornly try to figure things out for myself, like where I am going. Usually a helpful characteristic, this sometimes gets me into trouble. When my son and I passed the same spot — for the third time — he screwed up his courage and said, “Dad, I think we need to ask for directions.” Passing the same place three times can be a reminder and even a warning that danger is ahead. I surrendered to his advice, and we were soon on the right path.

Getting lost happens. Unfamiliar streets, places, and situations can confuse us. We may think we are going the right direction, but we aren’t. Or we know we are lost and, like me that day in Nazareth, we are too stubborn to ask for help. I’m learning that it is better to ask for help sooner.

Often when I’ve been slow to seek help, I’ve known that I was off track and confessed that “I do not forget your commandments, God.” But I haven’t always been wise enough to set aside my willful pride.

Here’s the truth. We all can get lost very easily, but God always knows the way we should go. He’s never uncertain or confused. He wants to guide us, but that can only begin when we ask for help. Isn’t it better to ask for directions sooner than later?

God, I admit that I have sometimes been lost — even travelling far from your way — but I remember what you have said throughout Scripture about seeking you. Seek me out, Lord, and set me on the right path again. Amen.

Go Deeper — Review the passages on seeking God. Write down a few that mean the most to you and commit them to memory.

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Photo Credit: Qui Nguyen