I read a joke recently that went like this: one Sunday after a rather long and dull sermon, a church member told his pastor, “Your sermon today reminded me of the peace of God — it passed all understanding!”

Peace is a word that many people discuss around Christmas or in conjunction with wars. It’s also a word that we need all year round in our everyday lives. Our world is full of stress, fear, and worry — everyone could use a little more peace.

Growing up, I worried about everything. I was, and sometimes still am, the champion of over-thinking. I didn't have a concept of what peace actually was until recently. I’ve learned it is having a figurative door slammed in your face, and calmly going on your way because you know God will open a window. Peace is the absence of that knot in your stomach and that little voice in your head listing all the things you need to worry about. Peace is not feeling anxious when you watch the morning news, because you know God is in control.

Finding peace is often easier said than done. Practically speaking, how can we let the contentment of Christ rule in our hearts as Colossians 3:15 admonishes us to do? The last part of the verse gives us the answer: “be thankful.” Pray for peace and focus on your blessings. Peace and contentment hold many parallels. When you focus on Christ and His work in your life instead of making comparisons to others, a peace that passes all understanding will inexplicably fill your mind and heart. Just don’t tell your pastor that it resembles his sermons!

Lord, thank You for my blessings. Please take my worries and replace them with peace. I want a contentment that rules in my heart all year round and gives me freedom from stress and fear. Amen.

Go Deeper — Listen to Prince of Peace by Hillsong as you close out your devotional time today. As someone who struggles with anxiety and worry, this song has calmed my heart countless times, and I hope it will do the same for you. If you prefer hymns, here is a wonderful version of It is Well with My Soul.

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