Worry, stress, and anxiety are natural human emotions. They are the “cares” of our hearts. Too often, these “cares” are written off as non-important to God, or as works of the enemy. The truth, however, is that it is natural for humans to feel these emotions. These feelings coincide with our human nature, and in Scripture, God clearly acknowledges them as something we will struggle with.

David (who is the possible writer of this psalm) often dealt with anxiety and stress. When David was young, he was treated as much less significant that his other siblings, and for much of his life he had enemies threatening his life or his people. Rather than letting his emotions identify who he was in trying and anxiety-inducing situations, David found peace in God’s consolations. With this peace, David prevailed through trial after trial he faced in his lifetime.

Paul is another biblical character who faced multiple traumatic and stressful events in his life. Beaten and whipped to the brink of death, Paul is recorded, in the book of Acts, as singing praises to God while shackled in prison.

Paul wasn’t different than anyone else when it came to feeling the burdens of this life upon his heart. What set him apart was his unwavering faith in God’s promises. Paul knew God was consoling him by bringing peace and cheer to his soul. God offers you the same consolation today!

Lord, help me be able to look past my circumstances and find your consoling hand. Bring your peace to my soul, so I may face every trial of life while singing and praising your Holy Name. Amen.

Go deeper ― Study how Paul, and many others in the book of Acts, were able to live in God’s peace no matter the trials they faced.

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