My husband and I have been planning a trip to Rome. As we eagerly digest videos of “virtual walks” of the cities we are planning to see, I have been eyeing all those lovely cobblestone paths and thinking of my balance, which is not quite what it was in my pre-chemo days. I can get a pretty accurate picture of myself tripping over one of those beautiful cobblestones and grasping my husband’s arm tightly so I don’t fall.

Lately, I have had to grasp Jesus’ arm pretty tightly so I don’t fall. It has been a stony path. For me it has been stony because I have wanted to just crawl in bed, pull the covers over my head, and not reemerge. 

I have had Jesus to call upon as I slink out every day. Others have heard temptation offering a siren call of comfort. They too have had Jesus to call upon. We may stumble, twist an ankle, bruise an elbow, need a good dusting off, but God will not allow us to fall. God is there to help support us. Through God’s providence, we will never be abandoned to the fall. 

 It is easy to see the cobblestones with the ruts and the uneven wear, to think of my feet faltering, losing my sure-footed way. Yet, just as effortlessly, my focus can shift to that strong arm, ready to put a hand on me and support me, making sure I am safe from falling. 

God, thank you for the safety of your might. Thank you for keeping us sheltered from the fall. Please help me keep my focus on your providence when it wanders to my fear.

Throughout This Day: Would you join me? Today when you come across a stone, pick it up and say a quick prayer to thank God that even though we may stumble over the occasional stone, he is there to protect us from the fall. 

Tags: Daily Devotional Psalm 37
Photo Credit: Fabien Wi on Unsplash