I stepped out onto our back porch into the cooling night air and paused. What in the world was that noise? It sounded like howling. It sounded close. We live out in the desert, so coyotes or wolves are strong possibilities. But this noise wasn’t quite right. It sounded . . . almost human.

Turns out, our neighbors were howling. Instead of clapping for medical professionals during COVID-19, in our area of the country, apparently they howl. Every night at eight o’clock. But there is one group of people during this pandemic that doesn’t seem to be getting applause (or howling).

They’re overwhelmed, stressed, and pouring themselves out in service to others. In service of us. I have the privilege of knowing youth pastors, outreach ministry leaders, and others in ministry. As I see them creatively serve people who are living scared during COVID-19, my heart has gone out to them.

What if we valued our spiritual health as much as we value our physical health? What if we applauded, not only for medical workers but also for Kingdom workers? What if we texted them a quick thank you or dropped off cookies on their doorstep?

They deserve the honor, acknowledgment, and highest regard we can give. Ministry is not easy work. So today, let’s let them know they too are loved, seen, and appreciated. Today, I want to encourage us all to reach out to those who are caring for us and working hard to serve us. Too often, their work is thankless.

Jesus, thank you for the body of Christ and all its individual parts. I pray specifically today for my pastors, church staff, and the other ministry leaders in my area. Please give them comfort and energy, and show me how I can love them today. In your name, amen.

Go Deeper — Today text, email, call, or write a letter to someone you know who is in ministry.

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Photo Credit: Guillermo Latorre