The smell of Christmas cookies baking greeted me as I entered my friend’s home. The fragrance was lovely and inviting. It instantly warmed the atmosphere and created an expectation and an appetite.

You also permeate the circle you live in with a fragrance. Oh, it’s not your perfume or your after shave. It’s the fragrance of Jesus’ love and all He is to those who trust Him. As you go through this holiday month with all its activities and expectations, you are taking the fragrance of Christ with you into your circle.

The celebration of the birth of Jesus is often pushed to the background amid the food and gifts and commercialization of the season. Yet you bring the fragrance of Jesus with you as you interact with those around you. You can bring acceptance and love, gentleness and kindness. You can bring an unselfish spirit and a warmth and calm amid the hectic season. You can bring the very things Jesus’ birth brought to you!

Somewhere in your circle there may be some who find this season especially difficult. Seek them out and give away some of the love Jesus gave you. Create a hunger for Him in those around you by sharing the fragrance of Jesus.

Simply ask for His Holy Spirit to fill you with power from Him so you can share that fragrance of His loving care. Share His gentle kindness today and, as the old saying goes, “if necessary, use words”.

Father God,

I want to say a special “Thank You” today for the gift of Your Son, Jesus. Thank you that knowing Him changes lives! Help me to have a heart full of the abundance of all Jesus is: love and gentleness, acceptance and caring. Help me to be filled with these things today, by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that the fragrance of Christ will permeate the lives of those around me today. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Take Action

Keep alert this week and ask the Lord to show you someone for whom this season is hard. Show them the love of Jesus in some way.

Resource: check out this article and be prepared to increase your commitment to share Jesus’ love.

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