In the days between Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension to the Father, His followers' emotions must have run from scared and shocked to pleased and inspired. Beloved Jesus who had died, now stood before them with a final challenge; He was leaving, but He would send His Spirit to equip them. God had an amazing plan for the rest of their lives.

They would have to trust Him in this. They were fishermen, tradesmen, and a tax collector. Jesus had not called his disciples from the religious elite and educated.

And they did trust him.

Church tradition indicates that Peter ministered in Italy. Andrew travelled to Turkey and Greece. “Doubting” Thomas established the church in India, and Philip in northern Africa. Matthew preached through Persia and Ethiopia, and Bartholomew in Armenia and Southern Arabia. James, Andrew, and Matthias (Judas’ replacement) went to Syria, and Simon to Persia. John led the church in Ephesus before Emperor Domitian exiled him to the island of Patmos.

Had anyone at the time predicted the message of Jesus would take root so strongly that within 300 years Emperor Constantine would declare it the state religion, most would have laughed. But it did, and kept spreading worldwide.

Today the supernatural work of God continues among ordinary people like you and me. Despite being all-powerful, God has chosen to rely on us to do the ministry of Jesus today, and He indwells us with his Spirit to carry on His work. What role does God have you doing in his kingdom? Take solace that God has called you, and He will give you strength and wisdom to be faithful.

Holy God, we marvel at your willingness to ask us to help with your work on earth. At times I feel inadequate and stressed, but you have given me your Spirit, and I thank you. May I be a courageous witness of your Good News wherever you call me. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Steven Van Loy