Do you crave adventure? If you are like me, you love adventure’s possibilities, but you ponder the risk and ultimate cost. In my younger years, while exploring mountain hiking trails, I realized that the trails most travelled are usually hiker-friendly and involve minimal risk. However, on my carefree courageous days, when I envisioned the possibilities, I chose the road less travelled. Amazingly, despite the obvious challenges and difficulties of a narrower trail, the scenic and fitness rewards were remarkably indescribable and would only be experienced by those brave enough to endure the journey.

For many people, choosing the road less travelled is not their natural choice.

Regrettably, wrong theology perpetuates our modern misunderstanding of only entering salvation’s narrow gate, but the disciple’s journey only commences at the gate. Jesus reminds us — the journey continues. The narrow road of discipleship nurtures our relationship with him. Discipleship transcends belief and is the lifelong, rite-of-passage journey of denying self. God uses our unique journeys’ trials and tribulations to cultivate our character and transform us into the image of Christ. Jesus defines this adventurous expedition as the narrow road that leads to life — a life worthy of a Christ-follower.

Are you still standing at the gate — content with a stagnant faith adventure? Jesus compels us to come and follow him, yet he intentionally prompts us to count the cost. Entering the narrow gate is only the beginning of a costly faith adventure. Navigating life’s narrow road is choosing the road less travelled. It is choosing the road that leads to life. The journey is lifelong and challenging, but the reward outweighs any perceived risk.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that you have chosen me and called me by name to follow you. Help me to courageously choose the road less travelled — the road where you teach me to obediently die to self –allowing you to refine my character and sanctify my heart, and ultimately, transform me into the image of Jesus.

Throughout This Day: Consider the road you are on. Is it one frequently travelled by those who follow Jesus? Ask the Lord to give you discernment as you evaluate the direction of your life, and ask him to help you to choose the life he has for you today and every day, the life made possible by his indwelling Spirit.

Tags: Daily Devotional Matthew 7
Photo Credit: Lasse Bergqvist on Unsplash