Life is unfair. You work at a job you dislike. A trusted friend treats you unjustly. Your bills total more than you make. I don't know about you, but life can make me act like a child... and not in a good way.

Life would be easier, and far less stressful, if I could go back to the way things were as a child. No responsibilities, no bills, no hardships. Just clean my room and show up for meals. I would be full of wonder, always trusting, and enjoying the simplicity of life.

I think that's why Jesus reacted to children the way He did. He never hindered them from coming to see Him and listening to what He said. Being that innocent and open to life and salvation is beyond my comprehension as an adult. That’s why I need to be in God’s Word daily and have godly people disciple and mentor me. It’s that discipleship which moves me toward wanting to be the inner child that Jesus welcomed.

Jesus rebuked His disciples for not having that purity and innocence when they complained about the children flooding Him. Perhaps, the disciples had forgotten that being childlike in faith was a fundamental key to salvation and being strong disciples for the kingdom.

Today, I long to have childlike faith which openly trusts God and never worries about anything. To see disheartening things in the world and, confidently, remember that nothing happens without God’s knowledge. Do you?

Father God, You are my Daddy and I want to be childlike in faith. Please help me to be your little child who quickly trusts, easily obeys, and eagerly believes everything about you, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Keep me innocent and pure, especially when the world is frightening and I become worried or discouraged. Strengthen me, as your disciple, through your Word and others, so that I may be effective for your kingdom. Thank you for welcoming me as your child. It is in Jesus' precious name that I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Take some time by yourself to discover your inner child. Go skipping down a road, jump in a puddle, or make a mud pie. Have fun and laugh out loud. Then allow yourself to come into a childlike faith that Jesus so highly regarded in the children of His time, and rest in the security that you are welcome into His kingdom because you are His child.

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Photo Credit: Kenan Kitchen