Joy to the world!

It was dark that night, when God chose to reveal the arrival of his Son to the shepherds! The Son who represents his mercy and goodness to us.

He chose to announce this through the angels of the Lord accompanied by a marvelous light! Just imagine, when the light and glory shone in the field where the shepherds were taking care of their sheep, how they felt. It was completely unexpected, shocking! They not only wondered what was happening, they were terrified!

God doesn’t seem to choose those we think he will. He seems to share his best with the humble. They were only shepherds, not recognised in the world where they lived. However, the light shone first of all for them. It was a sweet announcement! The arrival of the Son of God amongst us.

Joy to the world! We experience that joy today when we humbly allow the Son of the Most High, the Prince of Peace, to be Lord over our lives. The joy of the Lord can be our daily strength, if we choose to believe him and let him fill and empower us with his Spirit.

We remember the birth of the child. His birth was good news of great joy, because God in his mercy sent his glorious Son to the earth to live amongst us. The child grew up to be our Savior and Lord.

And today, although Jesus is not here physically, he is here with us. He is available to everyone who calls upon him in faith. He is alive!

Father God, I thank you dearly for your mercy and your goodness towards us. Thank you for sending us your Son - Jesus. Today we have access to joy, peace and more because of Jesus! Thank you Lord!

Throughout this day: The joy of the Lord is our strength. Reflect on this no matter what circumstances you’re facing.

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