God wants to give us victories we can’t even imagine. Over 30,000 people run the Boston Marathon each year. In order to get the privilege of running in Boston, each person has to run a qualifying time in another marathon. Chicago. Paris. Toronto. Aukland. Sao Paulo. All over the world, runners compete in Boston-qualifying races hoping to be fast enough to earn a coveted spot in arguably the most famous race on the planet.

On October 8, 2016, 232 athletes qualified for Boston at the Kona Ironman World Championships, a grueling triathlon event. But these folks did it after swimming 2.4 miles and peddling 114 miles on a bicycle. Now that’s conquering.

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, “more than a conqueror?” Did you know that God has called you be more than a conqueror over your addictions, bad habits, destructive behaviors, and life-long hurts? He wants you to not only heal from them, but to soar in your newly found strength.

Through the lens of our messy lives, it can be hard to see how God can restore us. Freedom from our past seems as impossible as completing a marathon. But God says we can do even more than that. We can be Ironmen.

Like an Ironman, your victory may come after years of training, set-backs, and small steps forward. God is faithful. Keep running. Believe that God can do what He says if you don’t give up.

Lord, I want to be more than a conqueror over my failures. Take control and show me how. Amen.

Go Deeper― Read Romans 8 and see what God has done for us. Keep Romans 8:37 in your mind today and in the weeks to come. Ask God to help you be more than a conqueror over your struggles today.

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