What does God see when he looks at you?

This was the question I was given. As I sat alone, the word brokenness came to mind. My mind traveled the path of my life. Yes, many moments of brokenness and failure. After this time of reflection, I raised my head and my gaze became fixed on a stained-glass window. Unlike traditional stained glass, this window was made of what appeared to be random fragments of glass arranged by the designer to make a work of beauty.

This thought brought me comfort and an appreciation that God has taken and continues to take the brokenness in my life to create a work of beauty and grace.

My part has been to surrender and be willing to allow God to work. It takes trust and humility! Trust has to come from the knowledge that God really does love me. The ultimate proof is not based on circumstances but that he sent his son, Jesus, to die for me. His death on the cross is like a huge billboard in time declaring God’s love. Being convinced also that God is wise beyond measure inspires my trust.

Yet just knowing that is not enough. I have had to humbly acknowledge that I am not adequate in my own efforts to address my own brokenness. I picture God smiling at this confession. God does not push his way in but, when invited, he has brought his creative genius to my life to make me a work of beauty.

God, I affirm you are loving and wise. Thank you for the gift of love and forgiveness profoundly demonstrated through Jesus’ death for me. Please take and use my brokenness and failures. Create beauty in all these broken pieces. Thank you. Amen.

Questions for Reflection: What does God see when he looks at your life? To what extent are you trusting God to work within you to create a work of beauty? Is there a specific area that you would like God to transform brokenness to beauty?

Song of Reflection: New Wine by TRIBL

Tags: Daily Devotional Philippians 1
Photo Credit: Matt Meilner on Unsplash