My sweet little first grandbaby entered the world at 1:03 a.m. precisely a week ago (as I am writing this). I think it is safe to say that her parents did not know what to expect despite the deluge of books on the market promising to prepare the new parents for this new life. I most certainly did not know what I was in for 22 years ago when that sweet child’s mother entered the world with a wail.

A child’s birth brings celebration. However, their life should continue to bring joy to those around them well beyond those first sleepy, drunken-milk smiles.

When the angel foretold John the Baptist’s birth, Zacharias’ heart must have swelled with joy, but he did not know the true extent of what joy John the Baptist would bring to others as he became an adult. He played a pivotal role in the fulfilling of God’s promises. He prepared the way for Jesus. He helped people confess sins. He performed baptisms. He announced our Messiah. He continued to bring joy well beyond the day of his birth.

As Christians, we are often reminded to find the joy in all our circumstances; however, our task is not just to experience joy, but to broadcast joy. It’s essential for us to remember not only to feel the joy, but to bring the joy.

As we go through the Christmas season with joy-filled hearts, what joy are we bringing into the lives of others? In what way do our births continue to lead to rejoicing?

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of joy. Through the miraculous birth of John the Baptist you showed not only that you are a God who keeps your promises but that we are a people that help you fulfill those promises. Help me honor the legacy of John the Baptist today. Show me how to bring joy into the lives of those around me. Amen.

Go Deeper — Where can you bring the joy today? What is one action step that will help brighten someone else’s day?

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Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder