Esther knew what she had to do. But approaching the king without being summoned, much less pleading with him to spare her people, might jeopardize her life. Her uncle, Mordecai, reminded her that God had equipped her for this task. But Esther knew she needed others to fast and pray in order to build a communication bridge between her and the king.

Anyone in ministry knows how very important it is to have people fasting and praying for them. The two go hand in hand. Fasting is abstaining from something so you can focus on prayer, especially intercession, instead of on your own comforts and needs.

God calls us to pray for each other, not so we can change his mind, but so we can align our hearts and thoughts with his plans. When we are in the middle of a crisis situation, knowing others are praying reminds us that we are not alone. They, and God, go with us. It is a shared journey of faith that can bridge any doubt.

But sometimes, we are not so eager to ask for prayer. We think it will reveal our “weak side” and show we can’t handle life.

It takes courage to let others know about the battle we face. But allowing them to pray for us not only ministers to us but to them as well. Why steal their opportunity to see God moving in our lives? It may be just the thing they need to bolster their faith as well.

Heavenly Father, send others to bend a knee for me today. Let me share my journey, my burden, and my joy with them. And let me be a witness to your powerful hand in my life. Then, show me how I can pray for them in return, and bridge the gap between fear and faith. Amen.

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