After I finished the house repairs for the holidays, my wife doled out welcomed words of thanks and admiration. She called the kids over, and they gave me hugs and pats on the back. I had spent many hours fixing the place.

I figured there was nothing around the house that I couldn’t repair and considered remodeling the kitchen —even though I lacked the know-how. My family urged me to call in experts, but their warnings didn’t deter me. I still believed I could handle it.

In Matthew 17, Jesus’ disciples, filled with confidence, went out to the sick and tried to heal them. But little did they know, they lacked something for success: the power of God’s grace activated through faith. The disciples didn’t believe the power of God was available or necessary. They took matters into their own hands and experienced disappointment.

How often do we dive into a project without activating our faith, relying on our power alone instead? God wants us to partner with his Son before jumping in feet first into a big project. It’s in Jesus’ guidance and power that we accomplish great things, without which success becomes difficult or impossible.

Before your next challenging project, take a step back and activate the power of faith before getting started. Spend time in his Word, time alone in prayer, time awaiting the Holy Spirit to nudge you in the right direction.

Let’s partner with Jesus the next time we need to make an important decision.

Lord, don’t let my pride prevent me from calling on you for insight and guidance before taking on a big project. And never let me forget that my ability to navigate all the challenges of life successfully is dependent on you,not on my effort alone. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Invite Jesus to guide and empower you by his Spirit in all you do.

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Photo Credit: Jon on Unsplash