How can you hope and be reassured that hope works?

If there’s something you want, keep hoping for it. It will come if it is in line with God’s will. You hope for many things in life, like healing, a better job, a new business, or to build better or new relationships. You need to hope for these things, right? Hope gets you started.

Yet, you can’t stay there just hoping things will work. As you keep hoping, you bring those desires to the Lord and you trust that God is able to satisfy the desires of your heart and fulfill your hopes. Hope is built into faith.

Faith is now. Faith can be put into action and motivates you to step forward.

You and I need to speak by faith. Believe that God will give you what is acceptable in his sight. God cares for your health, your healing, and for your needs to be met. Even your wants can be granted, provided they’re in sync with what God has for you. Faith is stepping forward with confidence that the Lord cares for you and your desires. He is for you and will be with you every step of the way.

Faith is now. Bring to the Lord what you’re waiting for by faith. Believe that he loves you enough to grant you what you’re waiting for. Remember that he already offers you the greatest gift your heart could desire: eternal life with him. Whatever it is you hope for, you can have confidence in him.

You may not know how. You don’t have to know. You just need that assurance that God is at work on your behalf.

Father God, I ask you to help me put my faith in you and focus on how powerful you are and that you can grant me my needs and wants that line up with your will, in Jesus’ name.

Throughout the Day: Don’t worry about your self-confidence. Stand with confidence and faith in what God can do for you. Speak to him about it.

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