The mother of three children under the age of five held her head in her hands. “What I’d give for a moment of peace.” Her elder sister, who had two teenage girls, laughed. “Me, too.”

People tend to relate peace with escape. If they can only get away from the stress of everyday life, the hustle, the kids, pressure at work, the finances… It reminds me of the old TV commercials about a bath soak where a woman sinks to her neck in steaming water after a hectic day and sighs…take me away!

Through Micah’s words, God offers something else besides escapism. It is comfort in knowing He will be present in every situation, even when things are not going our way. He provides the strength and confidence to handle the stress and still be able to see the joy. God’s peace is not the opposite of anxiousness ― it is tranquility in spite of it. It is the certainty that God knows, cares, and has a purpose for everything that happens in the lives of those who trust, believe and choose to follow Him. If we can grasp that fact and hold it tight to our hearts, we will find that illusive moment of peace…and another…and another until the situation passes. As a result, our faith, and perhaps the faith of those around us, will be bolstered.

Heavenly Father, grant us your peace. Help us to keep remembering that you bring purpose to our lives, no matter the circumstances, and that we can lean on you and receive a calming strength through your Holy Spirit to bear whatever will happen. As your Son, Jesus, offered, let us yoke ourselves to Him through your Word and find comfort. Amen.

Go deeper — When stress builds up, breathe in a prayer for God to calm you and bring you peace. Acknowledge that He has this despite the fact you don’t. It truly will make a difference in your perspective.

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Photo Credit: Anisur Rahman