“When [Jesus] had gone indoors, the blind men came to Him, and He asked them, ‘Do you believe that I am able to do this?’ 
‘Yes, Lord,’ they replied.” Matthew 9:28

The blind men in today’s passage were so ready and willing to believe in Jesus’ ability to make them see again. Faith means believing in something we can’t see; so if these men were born blind, they probably had a lot of practice in faith. They were used to depending upon someone else, constantly trusting others because of their disability. Their hearty belief in Christ attests to this.

So if these men can have faith in the power of God, then can’t we too?

Having faith isn’t easy. It’s not easy when overwhelming circumstances bombard us in life. It’s not easy when the vehicle keeps breaking down and the money is dwindling. It’s not easy when we’ve lost our job due to the economy. It’s not easy when we can’t see a way out.

But God doesn’t tell us to believe in Him because we can see what will happen. God tells us to believe in Him because we can’t know the future — but He does, and He wants us to trust in Him.

Commit to trusting God today. Whatever the situation, believe that God is in control and say, “Yes, Lord.”

Dear Father, please help me to have the faith of those blind men and to be able to always say, “Yes, Lord.”

Take Action

Surrender whatever situation you are going through right now to God by praying to Him and giving it over to Him. Let Him know you plan on trusting Him all the way.