Coming home from a Bible study one evening, I stopped to put gas in my car. Normally I just put in a certain amount, but this time, the pump handle stuck, causing the gas to keep pumping. At first I tried to get it to stop, but then I heard that still small voice of God in my spirit, saying “let it fill up.” So I did.

And as I did, I thought of how I had been seeking for something greater in life, an area of service to fill. In that moment, letting my gas tank fill up, I knew that just like I needed to let the tank fill, I also needed to let my spirit be filled with God’s presence, so that I could be better equipped to face what God has for the future.

In Acts 3, Peter was talking to people who had a problem with Peter and John healing a man in the temple. In his message to the people in the temple, Peter pointed out that they were the ones who had crucified Jesus. Even in light of this sobering reality though, he said these wonderful words in verse 20, "that times of refreshing might come from the presence of the Lord." This was in fulfillment of the promise that God's chosen people, that all people in general, could come to acknowledge and know Jesus. May we all be filled with those times of refreshing!

_Heavenly Father, thank you for both the promise and the reality of being filled with your abundant life. Help us to live in that life and walk in your light. In Jesus' name, amen. _

Throughout This Day: There is a saying that you must fill your own cup before ministering to someone else. Do you think that's true? How does it apply in your life? As you seek times of refreshing, remember to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit, who may start to lead you to new areas of life and ministry.

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Photo Credit: Matt Lamers on Unsplash