A single candle lights up a dark room, and when a Christian chooses to encourage other believers, through words or example, the light grows until everyone notices the difference! Perhaps you have participated in a candlelight ceremony at church, especially around New Year’s Eve, when one person lights a candle, then tips that candle towards another to give fire to an unlit candle until the room is ablaze with light?

We live in a dark world, and sometimes a single candle doesn’t seem like much to brighten up the reality of wars, suffering and hatred, but when one candle gives light to the next, which gives light to the next, it doesn’t seem so dark. A single bright candle brings hope, and we know that our ultimate hope is the Day when Christ returns!

Until he comes, in the church, there should be SO MUCH light!! And even though I sometimes don’t feel like going to church, there is a reason that I go, and that is to talk to at least one or two brothers or sisters to encourage them! I certainly do love the worship, and the sermon usually gives me food for thought during the coming week. Yet I also believe that each Christian needs to be at church to both encourage others and find fellowship that keeps all of our candles burning brightly in a very dark world.

For this day: A single spark, left alone, dies out. Perhaps your candle needs to be relit through the encouragement of another believer? Maybe going to church has not been a priority for you, and you need to return to enjoy the brighter glow? Or maybe you have a bright light that you are shining in the darkness right now, wherever you live, and your brother or sister at church needs you, too? Wherever you find yourself today, may your candle burn brighter than ever, and many be brought to Christ because of it!

Father, show me where I need to be, today and each day this week. May my candle bring you the glory that you deserve! Amen.

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash