“...the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.” Romans 4:17b

I like being around artistic people. It is fascinating to me how someone can take something ordinary and make something beautiful out of it. A lump of clay becomes a sculpture. A blank canvas becomes a colorful landscape. Lines on a page come together to form a face.

As I look at our planet I see the hand of an artistic God. Winding canyons and steep mountains make me stand in awe. Thousands of species of birds amaze me. The microscopic intricacy of a snowflake captivates me.

But in spite of all the brilliance of the artistic eye, what amazes me even more is that God created everything from nothing. Scientists have understood for years that nothing is created from nothing. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that matter can be neither created nor destroyed; it merely changes form. The laws of physics that God set in motion are undeniable. Yet in the beginning, He formed Earth from nothing.

It is true for us as well. God calls into existence the things we may not be able to see. The hopes we think are dead—God can bring to life.

Need a job in an economy where no one is hiring? God can create a job. Need money that isn’t there? God can bring it into existence. Need a win when everyone says it won’t happen? God says it will. Need restoration in a relationship? God performs miracles.

Lord, though I cannot see it, I know You can make it happen. Increase my faith and bring into existence Your plan and will, even when the odds seem against it. Amen.

Take Action

What are the things you need today that seem impossible? Write them down and pray for God to bring them into being. Start believing for miracles again, even if your faith feels as small as a mustard seed. God will increase your faith. He will bring His will to pass.

If you’ve been persevering for a long time and are starting to loose hope, read When Prayer Seems to Fail.

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