Recently, a friend gave me a nice little green plant. After a while some of the beautiful leaves began to fall off. They still looked green and healthy. So I decided to keep them in the pot to see what would happen. I watered the plant and placed it where it could get sunlight.

After a few weeks, to my surprise I saw that each leaf was now developing into a small plant. All those leaves were continually growing into small plants and crowding the pot. This forced me to get other pots to replant and space the newly sprouted plants.

These leaves which are now actively growing small plants are an analogy for the Christian life. Having been in the same pot with the original plant, feeding on the same nutrients as the original plant, they are continually growing in the image of their mother plant.

I am reminded of the verse in Philippians 4:13 that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. A spiritually focused mindset says, “I can because God can.”

Green leaves are a symbol of hope, revival, growth and renewal. At first the leaves were just lying in the pot but drawing nourishment from the original plant. As we go to God in prayer, read the Word and build a closer relationship with him, we grow and become more and more like him. In turn, we will be able to draw others to him.

I am reminded of the importance of each leaf on a growing plant. Through photosynthesis leaves turn light energy into food for the plant, and they are also essential in transpiration, the water cycle that supports not only the plant, but the environment around it. This is an ongoing process in every healthy plant.

God uses small things to accomplish big things! He used ordinary people like Joseph, David, and Esther. They were faithful and obedient and accomplished God’s purposes. As we depend on God daily in humility we can also accomplish his purposes for our lives even through difficult circumstances we may face.

Heavenly Father, thank you for reminding me that even when I may feel small and insignificant, I am an important part of your plan, just like each beautiful leaf has its vital contribution to the plant. Please enable me to humbly depend on you, receiving regular nourishment from your word and prayer, and accomplishing your purposes for me.

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Photo Credit: Elly Endeavours on Unsplash