"Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man whom You discipline and instruct, O Lord, and teach out of Your law, that You may give him power to keep himself calm in the days of adversity." Psalm 94:12-13 (AMP)

As I take a look at our key scripture, I am reminded of God’s love for us. We are truly fortunate to have a Father that disciplines and instructs us. It is our job to be teachable and make sure we are paying attention.

This verse also stresses that the Lord gives us power to keep ourselves calm in the days of adversity. I believe it is a direct result of what we learn from the wisdom God gives in His Word. It is good to know that our God is strategic. Everything He does has purpose.  Nothing that we encounter surprises Him. He uses the hardships of our journey to mold us into a vessel that is pleasing to Him. 

When you are faced with difficult issues take time to consult the Word of God. It is through His word that we find the ammunition that is needed to keep us firmly planted as the pressures of life mount. My prayer for you today is that you will begin to desire the sincere milk of the Word. Allow it to strengthen you in your everyday walk. Be teachable as the Lord to trains and instructs you in the way that you should go. It will be well with you.

Father your word teaches us that we can trust you in our daily lives. I pray that we will take the time needed to learn the lessons that you are teaching us. I pray that we will be students of your word, desiring your word as our necessary food. Amen.

How do you handle life’s difficult issues?

Take Action

Take a moment to find scriptures in the area of your challenges. Write these scriptures out on note cards and place them where they can be seen daily. As you meditate on the Word of God you will find the wisdom to deal with your daily challenges.