Hopelessness. Its flag has been flying at full mast for some time, being whipped to and fro by life's merciless winds. Many believe that God has ceased to care, left the building, stepped off his throne. Has our Sovereign Lord self-isolated?

In the throes of World War II, Viktor Frankl, a trained physician, was tasked with seeing and speaking to concentration camp prisoners, of which Frankl was, along with his wife and parents. His observations and conversations revealed an astute awareness of hope within the deepest reaches of his patients.

Against all odds, those with a future hope of experiencing freedom or seeing their children, were capable of surviving the ghastly conditions of the Auschwitz prison and tasted liberty at the hands of rescuers when the war ceased.

It was hope that fueled their survival, empowering them to rise above despairing circumstances and embrace deliverance. No matter how faint the hope, its power superseded all that showed grim.

So, in answer to my question? No. God’s not self-quarantining. He’s in the room holding you and lamenting your agonizing situation. He is more present than he’s ever been. He stokes hope in you amidst your hopelessness.

As believers in Christ, our hope may be diminished by the world’s state, but it’s never gone. For our source and power of all hope are God and Christ Jesus. When faith appears to fail, they never do. Keep your eyes on them, do not give up, and share the hope you know with those around you.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you are my greatest hope. It is because of you, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit - that resides within me, that I can face any daunting situation happening in the world or my life. Thank-you. Give me the courage to share my hope with others each day. It is in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Song of Encouragement: In Christ Alone

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash