As we recall September 11, 2001, let us remember both those who's lives were lost and our Creator who still reigns sovereign. 

For He satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with good.” Psalm 107:9 (AMP)

As I sit here listening to waves crashing on the shore, I realize how busy my life has been as of late. There is not always time to sit and just enjoy being. There is so much involved in making everyday decisions and starting new projects; it can drain me of all my energy and excitement about life. Oh to just be refreshed from time to time. This is what my soul desires.

I sit and look at the waves with contentment, thanking God for some much needed time away. The ocean so vast, so free in being what God intended it to be. It moves at the same steady pace, not rushed, not hurried, and just cascading back and forth under the gentle breeze. Oh the lessons to be learned today, just from this breathtaking view of God’s creation.

We too, are His creation. He fashioned us with purpose and intent. He has wonderful plans for our lives and in those plans are the exact instructions we need. God instructed the ocean to go this far and no more upon creation.

We too have boundaries established by God’s original intent for our lives. We have to take daily time outs just to sit and listen to His heart, drink in His goodness, and feed on His wisdom. He has already equipped us for the journey we will face ahead as we work to accomplish every aspect of that plan.

Lord Help me to see the difference time out from my daily routine actually makes. Refresh me as I sit before You content at just being Your child. Refresh my soul and refill my heart as I become still in Your presence.  In Jesus name Amen.

Take Action

Take some time away just to be refreshed by the voice of the Lord. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. The inspiration you need to live purposefully will come.

Catch a glimpse of God’s Holiness.