We live in an age of fakes. My wife has a small shop. She has to watch out for fake money. On TV, fake investment schemes offer instant riches. Fake emails threaten our computers. Fake people promote fake news. It’s an epidemic of phoniness.

Nowhere is the problem greater than in religion. Religious claims are everywhere. Some are obviously phony, but others are more subtle. It’s a very serious business, because what you believe makes all the difference for your future — forever.

These verses stand against every fake and phony religious formula. To say it very simply: “You can’t fake it with God. It’s got to be real.”

He is alive and active. Nothing is hidden from him. He sees into the deepest reaches of our minds. He knows the depths of our souls. He knows the truth about our thoughts and attitudes. He understands the most intimate secrets of our hearts. He knows what is fake and what is real.

It’s not a matter of living a perfect life, free from sin. You can very safely put anyone who claims that in the fake category. It’s just that before God, you’ve got to be real.

Real faith in Christ makes all the difference. You can have doubts, questions, and struggles. All of us face these things. He knows that. But you can’t “play along to get along.”

Be honest with God. Live the truth as fully as you can. His forgiveness is real, and he is, too.

Lord, I want to live before you as fully and faithfully as I can. You know what holds me back. You know what moves me forward. Encourage me today to be real and true in everything I do. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you are unsure of what someone claims is truth, set aside time to investigate it, especially biblical truths. Look up the item on a biblical search site and read what the Bible says. If you still have questions, one of our free, online mentors may help.

Read Further — Do you read the Bible spiritually? Doing so can help you more easily discern the truth.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop