“‘Why do you call me Lord but don’t do what I tell you?’” Luke 6:46 (GW)

For believers, it is essential for us to apply Scripture to our daily lives in order to grow in our faith. I am reminded of a time when I struggled over and over in the same area. The Holy Spirit made it clear to me that I stood in disobedience. As a result of praying for answers, He gave me wisdom concerning the problem, but I failed to put it into practice. 

When we take the time to mediate on the Word of God and put those words into practice, we will see change. That change may not take place immediately, but the foundation for lasting change will be built.

If we refer to the Bible only when we are faced with challenges, we are like the man in the parable who built his house without a foundation. Every time trouble comes, we are washed away by the pressures of life.

There’s no need to consult the Holy Spirit for direction if we have no intention to do our part in applying what He says. Today, let’s move forward in obedience. For many of us, God has already told us our next move. He speaks through Scripture, dreams, other people, or impressions upon our heart. Take a moment and listen. It will greatly benefit us to obey His instructions.

Father, forgive us for failing to apply Your Word to our daily lives. It is our desire to get this right, but we recognize that we can only do this by Your grace. May Your grace overshadow our weaknesses and move us to a place of victory; may Your loving kindness be known to us even in our mistakes and frailties. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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