There’s a saying that an individual is the average of the five people they interact with the most. Although we may not be able to prove this exactly, it is certainly true that those we associate closely with will change us in some way. (Amazingly, this also includes fictional characters)

We are easily influenced. This means that if you hang around the wrong crowd long enough, eventually you will become a member of that crowd, having adopted their beliefs, attitudes, and behavior patterns.

I can relate to this.

Before I became a Christian, I had a phase in my adolescence where I associated with some rough people who had a tendency to live fast and loose with God’s law and the rules of civilized society. I also watched many movies and television shows where the main characters were bad role models. Unfortunately, my time invested with these characters, both real and fictional, changed me for the worse as I became just like them: prideful, selfish, pleasure-seeking, and reckless. This led to some painful consequences, to say the least.

Praise God, however, that I changed for the better – a lot better! Not only did I change when I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but I’ve continued to change to the point where I am now regarded as humble, wise, and charitable. Actually, just the other day, one of my aunts told me how much I’ve changed for the better into a humble and thoughtful man.

This great change in me wouldn't have occurred without investing my time with God-fearing people, who are humble, compassionate, and very wise because they have a close relationship with Jesus and stay connected with godly brothers and sisters in Christ. And, honestly, I can now say that I have a close relationship with Jesus and that I’m closely connected with godly brothers and sisters in Christ, because I’ve been influenced greatly by the wise and God-fearing people I walk with.

Perhaps you can reflect on how you’ve been influenced by the people you walk with in your life. Imagine how your life and your walk with Jesus can improve if you invest more time with people of godly character. Remember, we are easily influenced by others and can easily influence others ourselves.

Therefore, be careful who you walk with and be aware of how you influence others.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your Word that gives us wisdom and thank you for making the church a family who we can walk together with and live life for Jesus together. I pray that you bring more godly people into my life to shape me more into the image of your Son and that you use me to shape others to be more like Him as well. I say this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Throughout The Day: Who are the five people you interact with the most? How do you think they influence you and do you think you should make some changes in who you invest most of your time with? Don’t hesitate to ask God for discernment on this matter.

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