In a world of negativity, heartbreak, and turmoil, people desperately seek blessings. As Christians, we are called to be that blessing. However, we cannot truly bless others if we do not understand how blessed we are.

In order to be a blessing to others, we have to accept the blessings God has given us. It can be easy to become blinded to the blessings God is bestowing upon us each day because of the heavy demands the world is pressing upon us. This is why it is essential that we meditate and delight in God’s Word daily. The more we soak up the Word of God, the more we will pour out his blessings and love when the world starts to squeeze down on us. As we meditate on his Word, our eyes are reopened to the love of our Savior and to how God is constantly working for our good. The more we realize how blessed we are, the more we will desire to share God’s blessing with the world around us.

We can then bless others by living contrary to the storyline of the world. Instead of promoting negativity and heartbreak, we focus on the blessings God has and is bestowing upon us and we strive to promote positivity throughout the day. We comfort those that are heartbroken by valuing others above ourselves and using our time and talents to uplift and encourage them. When turmoil happens, we respond with eagerness to spread the Gospel of restoration and peace to the hopeless and point them to Jesus, who holds tomorrow. We become a light of hope and love for Jesus that shines the brightest in our world’s darkest moments. This is how we begin to be a blessing to others. In turn, we encourage them to start to be a blessing to others.

Father, thank you for blessing us with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Help us live more and more in the truth of who we are in our union with Jesus, empowered fully by the Spirit so that we can manifest his fruit. Use us, Lord, to bless each person we meet with your love, compassion, kindness, and grace. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Focus your thoughts on the fact that Christ himself lives in you in all his resurrection power through his Spirit. Invite him to manifest his presence through you in all you do this day, for his glory.

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