In 1997, I bought an old mobile home in a well established mobile park for seniors. One of my new neighbors made a comment. “If ever one of these mobile homes caught fire, the whole place would burn down.”

I was the first home on the right as one entered the park. One night I was awakened with red strobing lights circling on my ceiling.

I crept out of bed and went to the front room. I bent down to look out my window. Across from me a ball of fire plumed up. A mobile across from me and down two was on fire. Fear gripped my heart.

I was hemmed in. The fire trucks were blocking my exit. I immediately started saying, “Jesus, you are my rock. I stand in you, and I will not be shaken.” After a few minutes I could feel my heart rate even out, and my fast breathing returned to normal.

A barnacle clings to a rock or other solid surface with adamant refusal to let go. Our faith is in the Lord. He is our steadfast immovable rock. When I think about standing in him as my rock, I picture myself totally surrounded by the Lord. I could not be more safe. In barnacle faith I cling to him, knowing that nothing can pry me away.

In the face of any trial or temptation, God’s way is to proclaim truth that will strengthen our inner person and weaken our flesh. Like a barnacle, refuse to let go.

Father God, I am so grateful that you are my solid rock. No stormy trial can dislodge me from you. By faith I cling to you with refusal to let go. Your truths are my heart’s anchor. Help me always remember that you are with me when I face impossible situations. Amen.

Song of Encouragement: Let the hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock” encourage you to cling like a barnacle to Christ today.

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Photo Credit: Olga Lacovlenco on Unsplash