Perhaps it's because I'm a child of the 1960s, but I can't throw out a plant.

Years ago, I was given a Chinese evergreen houseplant. I found a few cat teeth marks in one of the leaves that had torn in half. Then, one at a time, the leaves turned yellow and dropped off. I kept caring for it, but finally, only the drooping, damaged leaf remained.

But it still was alive. I couldn't bring myself to carry the thing to the dumpster. I watered it and talked to it. After a few months, another leaf appeared. I aerated the soil and added nutrients to it. Slowly, another stalk emerged and unfolded into a deep green leaf. Now it has four healthy, thriving leaves. It's taken almost three years to get this far, but I have hope that one day it will be full and lush again.

Today, as I watered it, I heard God whisper into my spirit, "Now you understand how I feel." When it comes to saving souls, God is even more tenacious than I am with plants. What others may see as worthless, He sees as having potential.

Life can be harsh. Perhaps we feel as if someone has gnawed on our egos or ripped through our hearts. We droop, feeling useless and barely thriving.

Our loving Lord will allow his Spirit to nourish us so we can once again grow. He won't give up. He is patient. None of us are worthless in his sight.

Thank you, precious Lord, for your loving, caring, tenacious attitude towards those of us who have potential but are right now barely thriving. Thank you for not abandoning us, but mercifully nurturing us as we learn to grow in your Spirit. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Deva Darshan