When I think of praying with someone, I think of closed eyes and bowed heads and a list of petitions and gratitudes. Christen doesn’t pray like that.

Christen prays throughout the day. Christen prays most while she walks through town, passing places and people who need prayer. Christen prays not only with petitions and expressions of gratitude, but also with a lot of silence.

What impacts me most of all is that Christen prays with questions.

“God, what do you want us to know about painting this bridge?” We paused and stood still, watching the river flow beneath us, noticing the peeling rust, and waiting to hear from God.

We don’t always hear from God. But when I started imitating her, asking God direct questions, and then pausing to hear—I heard from God far more than I expected. God speaks to his sheep and they know his voice (John 10:4.) He opens the eyes of his people, telling us where the path is. (Isaiah 30:21). He directs us by his Word (Psalm 119:105).

These days, when I wake up each morning, I pause and ask, “God what do you want for my day? Where do you want me to go? Who do you want me to invest in?” Yesterday, that led me across town to a home I wasn’t planning on visiting, but ended up being exactly where I needed to be.

Where are you lacking wisdom? Or where do you think you have wisdom, but haven’t yet invited God into? What would it be like to receive that wisdom and direction from God today? In my life, it’s been freeing and fruitful. I hope the same for you.

God, thank you for your direction. I am unsure about this area of my life. What do you want me to know about my next steps, starting today?

Consider This: Tomorrow morning, ask God what he wants to tell you, and then set your timer for two minutes and listen.

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