In Peter’s sermon at Pentecost, he tells the crowd that they were witnessing the outpouring of the promised Holy Spirit. Jesus ascended into heaven. God exalted him to his right hand. Then Jesus filled his followers with the Holy Spirit, whom he received from the Father.

In children’s books, we read about the champion, who after conquering the enemy, ascends to the throne as king over the land. The people gladly serve him because he rescued them.

Fairy tales enchant us because they mirror the true story of Jesus. Jesus defeated our enemy — sin and death — by living a righteous life, bearing our sin in his death, and rising again.

Peter says, quoting David, that Jesus — not David — ascended into heaven (See Acts 2:34-35). In fact, David’s words prophesied the resurrection of the Messiah. Peter sums up his message with these words, “Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified both Lord and Messiah” (Acts 2:36). Ascended. Exalted. Lord.

Jesus not only ascended into heaven in full view of his followers; he ascended to God’s throne. God exalted Jesus, gave him the name above every name, and declared him Lord of all. Christ’s ascension signifies his supremacy over every rule and authority, power and dominion.

These truths demand a response.

I cannot simply continue to live my life the way I choose. I must recognize Jesus as Lord. I must bend my knee to acknowledge Christ’s authority in my life. Will you?

Heavenly Father, let the truth that Jesus ascended, and all that the ascension entails, sink deep into my heart. Help me to see Jesus as the rightful ruler of my life. May I surrender my will and my way to him, today and every day.

Throughout this Day: Consider what it means for you to exalt the Lord in your everyday life and what it looks like to live under Christ’s authority, your Saviour and Mediator, on a practical level.

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Photo Credit: Illustration by Kristy McCormack