The COVID-19 virus has changed life for many of us. I still go to the store for essentials, and sometimes it’s awkward, as when a lady and I were both eyeing items on the same shelf. I couldn’t get close enough to look at prices, so I kept my distance until she had moved on. I also found myself not pushing my cart down an aisle that already contained another shopper. No way I can keep the six-foot rule! Things are surreal!

Many Christians rightly see this as a unique time to reach out to those around us who may be frightened and confused. But how? How do we “social distance” the Gospel?

Our daughter has a new puppy. I got the early morning shift, and the other day, as I waited on our front step for the puppy to do all her sniffing around and finally do her business, I surveyed our neighborhood. I began to think about the current isolation and wondered how I could love my neighbor as myself. And a simple but powerful thought hit me. Every house I saw had people with problems, anxieties, and needs. I might not be able to touch them right now, but I could touch the Throne of Heaven on their behalf.

How are you loving your neighbor these days? I felt like “I can’t do anything but pray.” But I see now that prayer is the most powerful and effective thing we can do!

Lord Jesus, you know I am not good at loving my neighbor even in the best of times. Thank you for showing me that I can do so powerfully by lifting each one up to your Throne of Grace. May I be faithful in doing this each day. Now, and after this pandemic subsides. Thank you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Read how to do a neighborhood prayer walk, print it out or carry it on your phone or tablet. Now, go do it.

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Photo Credit: Amy Humphries