Ruts usually indicate that there is an inner stronghold of lies that we have believed. Hidden lies keep our hearts bound, like a prisoner in a jail. The bars are the lies. We are only bound through our thoughts. The key to getting out is through experiential truth.

Let’s unpack today’s verse. Renounce means to disown, reject, and abandon. We cast off the defiling lies. They cause us to sin against God by not believing and acting on His word.

We manifest God’s truth in us by speaking his truth in our hearts and with our mouths, walking in it, and using it as the mighty weapon that it is. Our goal is to not allow any lie of the enemy to penetrate. We do that by taking every thought captive.

That does not mean that we examine every thought and take it apart to see if it has a lie in it. It does mean that we hide God’s word in our heart. We fill our heart reservoir with truth that will keep us free. Lies are counterfeit to truth. Just as the best way to detect counterfeit money is to be very familiar with all the features of real bills, knowing God’s word intimately is the best way to guard against lies.

We live in his truth moment by moment. When a lie comes across our radar, we don’t give it another thought. By not dialoguing with it, it has no power. The power of a lie is only activated when we allow it to enter and seed into our heart.

Father, thank you for your word which is eternal truth that never changes. Help us to hide your word in our heart and live it out in our lives. Keep us from believing any of the devil’s lies. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Ask God to show you ways you can increase your intake of his truth in your life, as you renounce and refuse falsehood in all its forms.

Tags: Daily Devotional 2 Corinthians 4
Photo Credit: Fons Heijnsbroek on Unsplash