Doctor: I am sorry your wife is still in a coma; we have done everything we can. Me: Wait, let me try one more thing goes to adjust the thermostat Wife: eyes open immediately

Okay, this didn’t happen for real but if you knew my wife you would not be surprised if it did. In many homes that thermostat is very important. But what is the main difference between a thermometer and a thermostat? Thermometers are reactionary, it just tells you what the temperature is. A thermostat is more intentional, it controls the temperature around you.

Did you really have a bad day, or did you have a bad five minutes in the morning that you extended to make a bad day? Did the fact that someone cut you off in traffic and the fact that you spilled your coffee constitute a bad day? Will you let these events leave you cold-hearted all day, or will you decide to be a thermostat and turn up the heat, so your soul is on fire for God?

Do you let your situation dictate how you feel? Or will you dictate how you will feel when a situation arises? A lot of times we are resigned to the fact that we can’t control our feelings by saying things like “This is just how I am” or “I can’t help being mad”. But as the Bible says, having self-control is so important.

So, will you be a thermometer or a thermostat? Will you let your situation control you or will you take control?

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the ability to be able to decide on how I react to my situation. Please give me the wisdom to know what to do. Thank you for giving me the strength to do the right thing every time through your Spirit’s abiding presence. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Throughout This Day: Remember that God has freed you from the power of sin. You can choose to either listen to his Spirit or your old nature. Why not seek to listen to him and trust him for the strength to obey whenever you are tempted to lose sight of his will today?

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Photo Credit: Artur Solarz on Unsplash