My son joined the Boy Scouts at a young age and stayed in it through high school. One of their mottos is to always be prepared. But for what? The worst? Bad weather? Disaster? The other shoe to fall?

Nope. They are supposed to be prepared to serve. Yes, having a flashlight and matches on a campout is part of being prepared. But the main reason for their preparedness is to be able to perform their duties under the Scout oath.

After Jesus’ body lay in the tomb, the women went to prepare spices and oils to dress the corpse, as was the customary duty. But with the Sabbath rest coming at dusk, Jewish law stated they could not return that day to finish the task. But the women didn’t put things off. They got the jars ready. And then waited. How hard that must have been!

Little did they know that Jesus was preparing a way for them, and all of us, when he conquered death a few days later. They prepared for death, while Jesus prepared for eternal life.

Like the women and the scouts, we should all be prepared. To defend our faith, yes, but even more so to patiently wait until God tells us it is time to act in his will. Rest, studying the Word, and prayer can prepare us for what is coming ahead.

Like the women, we may not know what that is, but we can be sure that Jesus has prepared it for us. He is already there, waiting. Will we be prepared to meet him?

Lord, you not only prepared a way for us to have eternal life, but you prepare a way for us to serve you in this life as well. Let us have our jars ready, and also spend time in rest, study and prayer, so when you call us to serve, we will be prepared. Amen.

Go Deeper — As you prepare to start your day, is your soul prepared as well? What specific thing can you do today to prepare for meeting God?

Tags: The Gospel of Luke
Photo Credit: JL Magata