“Put your hope in the Lord both now and forever.”  Psalm 131:3

Discouragement is something we’ve all felt. When life disappoints and everything around us seems to go awry, we often lose the very thing that is meant to keep us protected, make us stronger, and ultimately draw us closer to God.


When we lose hope, we are essentially cutting ourselves off from God, telling Him that He’s not big enough for our situation. We head down a road of utter despair.      

For 13 years, David ran from death and hid in the desert, waiting, in hope, for God to rescue him and fulfill His promise over his life to be made King of Israel. David came out of this trying time a mighty victor, with an inner strength and completely connected to God.

When we have hope, what we are doing is giving God an opportunity to show Himself to us. We’re also giving ourselves the gift of growing stronger in our relationship with Him. 

One thing is for sure: while the winds of adversity and turmoil blow around us, God is constant and steadfast. He is with us. And He always shows Himself to us in one way or another. Sometimes it’s not the way we believe He should, yet it’s always in a way that is for our good. 

Knowing the heart of God — His unfailing love, overwhelming grace, and abundant mercy — helps us to live with hope that is undying. A hope that with faith, gives us triumph in life.

Heavenly Father, I thank You for the reminder that my hope is in You. Today I lay aside all those things that I have in the past put my hope in, and remember that You alone give me all I need and desire. I yearn to be closer to You and to know You more deeply. Help me see Your hand at work in my life so that I may grow in You. Amen. 

Take Action

Take a few minutes and write down three areas in your life that you need to actively live out hope in God.  Ask God to fill you with His hope so that your faith may increase in Him and be mindful of how He enters into your situations. It might be different than you expect.

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