Abandonment is a common issue in this world. Maybe you have experienced it yourself.

Your spouse may have decided to leave you when life became tough, but God says he will stick with you no matter how hard it gets. Your family members may have been pushed to the limit and have had enough of you, but God doesn’t feel that way about his children.

Regardless of whether you feel abandoned or not, take time to develop your relationship with the Lord. When you take baby steps toward relying on him as your source of comfort, you will find that the comfort provided by people pales in comparison.

Even for those who have ever experienced abandonment, developing your relationship with God will help you be well equipped if the time comes. You won't act as disappointed and hurt as one who has not known the unending love of God.

His love is unconditional and the deepest love you will ever experience. You can’t compare it to the love that your family members, spouse, or anyone else has given you. In fact, it exceeds any human love you’ve ever experienced.

God reminds us that he will always be with us both in good times and bad times. We may try his patience with our sinful selves on a daily basis, but he is patient and faithful, continuing to care for us anyway.

Why not take comfort in this promise of God to never leave you or forsake you? Love others and let them love you, but love God first and embrace his eternal love as your joy.

Dear Lord, please give me the ability to rely on you as my sole source of joy and comfort. Thank you for not abandoning me. Amen.

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