The mercies of God are many and varied. Most days, most of the time — if we stop and reflect — we can easily come up with a long list. “God is so good,” we can say.

Some days, however, things can seem fairly dark. We struggle. We see others, who seem much less deserving, doing better — at least it appears. We suffer. We are puzzled. Distressed. Doubts grow.

The Bible gives two answers to this situation. The first is to remind us that although we may not understand what He is doing, we can be confident that He is good. His good purposes will prevail in the end.

The second answer is found in the verses for today. Yes, there will be tears, but they shall be wiped away. There will be death, but it shall be no more. There will be pain and mourning but they will come to an end. “All things” shall be made new.

And who promises this? "He who was seated on throne." Our sovereign Lord, our loving Father, our gracious friend sent this message to the first Christians facing the persecutions of the Roman emperors.

He sends it today, too. To me. To you. To us. It is His unbreakable promise guaranteed by His limitless power.

Wait for it. That great day is coming.

I believe your promise, Lord, but it is hard. I’m almost out of strength. Help me to place my life and all I have in your hands. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Earle