Have you ever felt like your heart will sink in the face of a new task you need to carry out? I have. So did Gideon feel when God asked him to rescue Israel from the hand of their enemies (see Judges 6 and 7). The Israelites were so oppressed that they had prepared hiding places in mountain clefts, caves, and strongholds. Surrounding nations — the Midianites, the Amalekites, and the others ― raided them and depleted the crops in the land. When the Israelites could not help themselves, they called upon God.

Gideon was hiding when he heard the call of God to take action. “Go in the strength you have,” the angel of the Lord told him. Gideon wondered why him since he was from the weakest tribe in Israel. But God gave Gideon the sign that He was with him. And even though God reduced Gideon’s army to 300 men, they won the battle ― not because they were mighty but because they relied upon God’s grace and strength.

God can use people who fear and need signs like Gideon. When someone is weak, God’s power is magnified. God strengthens the heart when one leans on Him and their motives are in line with God’s will.

Trust that before your strength runs out, God will fill the void in you with His abundant grace. As we go by faith, we grow in the grace of God. His grace outlasts our fears and weaknesses.

Heavenly Father, strengthen my heart so I can make the right decisions. Help me to trust that your grace is strong enough in my weaknesses. Amen.

Go Deeper — Do you feel afraid to tackle anything that’s new because you’re not sure if you have the strength required? “Go in the strength you have” and do something new even if it’s something simple at home or at work. Trust that God will provide enough grace to enable you to carry out this task.

Tags: Grace and Mercy Judges 6
Photo Credit: Rodion Kutsaev