Eyewitness accounts are essential to corroborating a story. They’re what distinguish truth from hearsay. Having a handful of bystanders or more recounting similar particulars strengthens a case that is in the process of being proved.

Most often, we see this protocol playing out in crime-based shows or films. The more witnesses there are saying the same thing, the greater the chance of an open and shut case. Evidential facts can’t be refuted.

The same stands true of sightings of Christ after his resurrection. Rumors initially swirled that the body of Jesus had been stolen from the tomb where he was laid, in order to discredit the idea of a resurrection. Yet, reports began pouring in of the Messiah appearing to his disciples, all the apostles, and more significantly, a group of ‘five hundred of the brothers at the same time’ (verse 6).

Any prosecuting attorney would be hard-pressed for an argument in opposition to this proof. Over five hundred people can’t be having the same delusion. That’s why this supernatural occurrence serves as the linchpin of a believer’s faith.

Even scientific and theological experts have never been able to disprove this extraordinary event that bears witness to the truth and power of God. Indeed, the resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the root of my confident and unshakeable faith.

It’s because of Jesus that I can live securely in peace, hope, and contentment in this tumultuous world. His power in my life is greater than any evil threat or challenging situation I will encounter. I am complete because of my risen Savior.

Our faith gives purpose and strength to all we face in this world. The truth of God’s Word reinforces that faith and gives a firm foundation to what we believe and why. The irrefutable fact of Christ’s resurrection is one of the greatest truths we are to live by. May we be bold, in love, about sharing this truth with others.

Precious Jesus, thank you for the truth of your resurrection that has been a source of power and encouragement for me. May I have the courage to declare the wonder of this proof to others who are looking for hope. In your holy name I pray. Amen.

Throughout the Day: As you reflect on today’s Scripture, let it strengthen and encourage your faith that is rooted in the undeniable truth of God’s Word and verifiable historical facts.

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Photo Credit: Charis Gegelman on Unsplash