“No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel, can avail against the Lord.
The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.”

Proverbs 21:30-31

Do we create our own success by planning well and taking action? Or are the events of our lives in the hands of God who rules over the circumstances and events that come our way?

Some people make the mistake of fatalism, hoping, waiting, and perhaps praying for things to happen. Others fall into self-sufficiency. They plan, work, and strive with barely a thought about God.

Well then, which is it? Do we wait and pray, or plan and act? This proverb gives us the clue to a better perspective. I call it “active dependence” on God.

A warhorse must be made ready for the battle. This indicates that we should plan, prepare, train, and work with effort toward our goals. Other proverbs point out that God is not impressed with laziness and will not reward it. He gave us intelligence, energy, and the capacity to stretch and exert with great effort. We are to use these gifts. We are to be active!

Victory, however, ultimately comes from God. He is the sovereign ruler over all our affairs. He is the One who rules over the flow of events and their outcome. Did you notice the first part of the proverb? No one can overrule God. Apart from Him, even our most active and strenuous effort will come to nothing. We are to be dependent!

Put these together and you have “active dependence,” the posture of a true follower of Christ.

God, I place my entire life in Your sovereign hands and bow before Your rule over all things. Give me the faith, strength, and energy to meet my challenges today in your power. Amen.

Take Action

Is there an area of your life that right now is calling for a new commitment to active dependence? If so, what do you need to do differently? Prayerfully make a plan today for how you will do it.

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