“Zero to 60 in five seconds! That’s a powerful car?” I asked. I had overheard my husband, Mark, talk with a friend about some cars that were powerful. I hadn’t given it much attention until I was pulling out of an intersection and had to increase my speed to avoid an oncoming vehicle that was going too fast. I felt relieved to have the power to do so.

However, I feel even more relieved to have access to the power that Christ gives. When Paul writes about the power of the resurrection, he is referring to the greatest power of all found in Christ Jesus. Christ showed his power over both the physical and spiritual world when he raised himself from the dead. 

Christ’s resurrection power gives the energy and strength to endure suffering. Christ understands suffering since he experienced suffering; and he is therefore able to give comfort. 

Knowing Christ is more than merely knowing about him. This is a partnership of deep communion with Christ both now and in the time to come when all believers in him will be resurrected from the dead.    If we truly believe in the Lord’s power, we can realize that he gives us the power to overcome the things that weigh us down or control us. 

Lord God, help me to rely on your power to live the Christian life. I want to know you and to overcome the things that drag me down. Help me to choose to believe in your resurrection power and rely on your Spirit instead of my personal strength. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Remember that Christ lives in you in all his resurrection power and is continually giving you all you need to obey him joyfully when you simply trust him to do so.

Tags: Daily Devotional Philippians 3
Photo Credit: Aleksandr Khomenko on Unsplash