We are not created for ourselves.

It is this truth that leaves us feeling empty and void when choosing to live a life a part from God and his Spirit. We are created for oneness with God through the Holy Spirit and his indwelling within us.  He desires nothing less than this and pursues us passionately, eagerly wanting to be one with us.

Having a sense of absolute need for God and his presence is the most freeing experience one can have. The moment we die to ourselves and desire to live for God is when we truly begin living.

Submitting and yielding to the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean a confined life. It’s a life lived in the freedom of the power God has given us to live the life He directs and guides us to live.   

We cannot pray an unselfish prayer without the Holy Spirit to pray through us.  We cannot live a selfless life without the Holy Spirit living through us. We know this and have experienced it.  When we live careless, irresponsible and self-seeking lives, we’re unsatisfied and discontented.   

As we submit to the Holy Spirit moment by moment, choice by choice, he comforts, guides and empowers us to live victoriously and according to His will.  In the meantime, we begin to have a more intimate concept of God. Where we once found a limited view, we now see clearly the many resources offered to us by God and the confidence to come to him abandoned with fervent reliance in his ultimate authority. 

Heavenly Father, I surrender myself to you.  Make my life entirely yours.  I desperately need you and your presence In my life.   Fill me with your Spirit teaching me and guiding me in your truth.  Empower me to live as I give you all I am.   Amen

Today's Challenge: Luke 11:13 says that our Heavenly Father gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask him. Ephesians 5:18 urges us to be filled with the Spirit. In whatever circumstances you are facing, ask God to fill you with his Spirit. He gives generously and desires to fill you! Learn more about Spirit-Filled living.

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